Improvement Application

The Board of Directors must review and approve all exterior modifications in the Hampshire community.  
Please click here for the Improvement Application Portal.
You must sign up for the portal before you can login and proceed.  If you need help signing up and submitting an application, please click here.
Accompanying the application should be any relevant supporting documents that will help the Board make a full and informed decision regarding your request.  Supporting documents include, but are not limited to, a plat map with the improvement(s) clearly marked, a scaled drawing of improvement(s), pictures, material/color samples, and contractor/installer's proposals.  The more information you can supply to the Board, the better!
Complete Application Info
How To Assemble a Complete Application
The more information you can supply the Board for their review, the better!  Submitting a complete and detailed application is the fastest route through the approval process.
The following information can be included in a complete application - please note, not all elements below will be included, it all depends on the type of improvement for which you are requesting approval:
  • Plat map with the improvement(s) clearly marked
  • A scaled drawing of improvement(s)
  • Pictures
  • Material and/or color samples
  • Contractor/Installer's proposal